The Dietitian Mummy Weight Loss Plan

Cover finalWoohoo, it’s finally here! I am soooo excited to have this program ready to roll gals, it’s been a long time coming.

So what is it?

Well you might have read my recent post about why diets don’t work and if you haven’t, start there. I’m pretty passionate about this because I see clients time and time again who have been ruined by following ridiculous diets. So what could I do about it? Offer an alternative.

If you’ve tried diets and it hasn’t worked for you then this is for you. If you have limited time and mental energy for huge life overhauls but still want to lose some weight, then this is for you. If you are a mum who just wants to get it off and keep it off, then this is definitely for you.

The methods I have written in this program are tried and tested techniques and challenges I use with clients every day and have seen great changes in so many clients.

What will I get on the program?

– You will receive an “8 week program” which consists of 8 weight loss topics that I find essential for weight loss in my practice.  While it is written as an 8 week program, it is absolutely self paced so you can take 8 weeks, or 16 weeks or a whole year if you like.

– Goal sheets to go with each week (topic) and instructions on the challenges for that week.

– You will get access to a closed facebook group where you can log on to ask questions or get support from fellow mums following the program. I will be popping in once a week to answer questions.

And all this for just $60! Sound like a sleazy car salesman? Yes, but seriously it’s $60 well spent considering how much money we can waste jumping from diet to diet!


What is my experience?

I always like to tell clients my background in weight loss so that they gain trust in my methods before we start and you can see that I have a fair bit of credibility. First and foremost I am an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (university degree trained). I have worked as a Dietitian for 8 years and have worked on weight loss research studies, in weight loss surgery support and also as a Dietitian for SA Health seeing clients for many reasons, one very commonly – weight loss. Plus I am a female, a mum who gained copious amounts of weight during pregnancy, a food lover and also someone who continually battles with food behaviour issues. I get you!


So there you go, here it is, click this link to purchase The Dietitian Mummy Weight Loss Plan and start your weight loss “journey” (oh so cliche) today…


The Dietitian Mummy.

Diets don’t work y’all!

Whos sick of diets? Because I am. Sick to death of them I tell you. Sick of seeing them, sick of hearing about them, SICK of cleaning up after them!

By the time most people come to me for weight loss they have tried a few (or a hundred) diets and come in feeling shitty about their weight, shitty about food and the most shitty about themselves.

I hate diets, I really do and I hope you want to know why because I am going to tell you 😉

Number 1. Weight loss is not one size fits all!
Every SINGLE one of us are different. Our lives, our culture and our family situations. So why on EARTH would one diet fit everyone? If weight loss was one size fits all there would only be 1 diet, not a multi-million dollar industry designed to make money for the companies! If a diet doesn’t work, it’s not you, its the diet.

Number 2. Diets tell us that we are failures.
Not only do they not fit everyone but when we don’t lose weight on them, we are told that we are bad people, we dont have enough will-power and are not good enough. Maybe we should try another diet we are told. I’m sorry but this is bullshit. Diets fail because they are stupid, not the other way around. If you don’t lose weight on a diet it’s likely that it was because the diet didn’t suit your lifestyle or that it was a crazy fad diet OR more importantly because of the all important diet cycle.

And finally Number 3. Diets are desinged to keep you on diets.
People who design diets are clever. They know their way around the diet cycle. They know that if you try one diet, you are likely to try another, and another and this is fuelled by the cycle. Let me explain….

You start the diet cycle by going on a diet. You start well and lose some weight.

Because you restrict your kilojoules/calories your body lowers its metabolic rate (your metabolism) so your body burns less kilojoules than it did before you started the diet.

Your brain kicks in and starts telling your body to store fat because it thinks you are in a famine and need to stock up for survival.

Somewhere down the track you run into some troubles (like a really bad week or a weight loss plateau) and you start feeling the urge to eat crappy food.

You break your diet, eat about a kilo of chocolate and start telling yourself “I’m not good enough” “I’m a failure” “I may as well give up now”.

You give up and put weight back on.

Because of your lowered metabolic rate you put on more weight than you lost and end up heavier than you were before you started.

You start thinking, I need to go on a diet……. and the cycle starts again.

Who does that sound familiar too?? Probably many of you.

But what if there was another way? What if you could gradually lose weight in a supportive and non-diet way? What if you learnt good habits as you went along and felt better about yourself the further along you went. And what if The Dietitian Mummy was about to add in a shameless plug for a new way to do this?

I have been working hard on a weight loss program for busy mums out there that does not involve diets in any way shape or form. It involves learning about why you put on weight in the first place and gives you challenges that help you break these habits for good. It will also involve entry to a closed facebook group where you can ask me questions and also talk to other mums doing the challenges too.

So stay tuned for more information. It’s coming soon…..


The Dietitian Mummy.

Nutty Friday – Pistachio edition

It’s nutty Friday time and today’s nut of choice is pistachio!

“Sugared dates, sugared dates and figs, sugared dates and pistachhhiiiooooossss” random market stall holder in Disney’s Aladin.


Who doesn’t love a good handful of pistachios? If you don’t, you can give me yours. The thing I love about pistachios is that there is the option to have them shelled. It really does slow down your ability to eat them so you can enjoy them for longer. I swear, I could eat cups and cups of them if they were in a bowl in front of me.


Today’s idea is a strange one for me, considering I usually don’t like fish. I am getting bwpid-20140623_170442.jpgetter, helped along by the notion that I actually never reach my omega 3 requirements. Like ever. Let me say though, this recipe made me like my most hated fish, and that is salmon. To the point where I don’t think I can even say that I don’t like it anymore. Anyways, here is the recipe. Have a go, it was surprisingly awesome.


Pistachio crusted atlantic salmon.

Pre-heat your oven to about 180 degrees.

Put into a blender (or stick mixer chopping apparatus) a handful of pistachios, 2 garlic cloves, a squeeze of lemon juice, some salt and pepper and a handful of herbs (chives and parsley were going well the day I made this). Blitz until they are a crumb-like consistency.

Spray a foil covered tray with oil, and lay out your salmon skin side down.

Use your hands to press the crumb into the fish.

Bake in the oven for about 10-15 minutes, obviously depending on your oven. Watch it like a hawk because it can overcook easily.

I have watched enough cooking shows to know that you are looking for the fish to be just a little bit translucent in the middle.


Hope you enjoyed your nutty Friday. How do you eat your pistachios?


The Dietitian Mummy

Nutty Friday – Almond edition

Okay folks, todays nutty Friday is about almonds.


I freaking love almonds. I eat them pretty much all day, snacking, on breakfast (porridge or yoghurt), in my muesli, in all sweet baked goods… you get the drift!


By earliest memory of almonds is going to my nana and pops house. The always had a huge container of dry roasted almonds on their bench care of a friend with almond trees. You were always allowed to grab a few sneaky handfuls when we were there.


Today though, I thought I’d do something different and feature them in a savoury dish. There’s no recipe because this comes straight from Save With Jamie and was a delightful addition to the usual cauli/broccoli gratin that we make. Do it now, while the weather is freezing, and enjoy!

Nutty Friday – Walnut edition

It’s that time again, time for me to nut on about nuts!


Today’s nut is the walnut. I put walnuts in so many baked goods that I make, just a handful chopped in cakes, biscuits, muffins and most importantly today, loaves.


When we were kids, mum used to make this nut loaf all the time. We used to eat it warm, fresh and delicious or a few days old with lashings of margarine. I re-created her recipe the other day in honour of this delish nut.


Mum's 1970's nut loaf tin

Mum’s 1970’s nut loaf tin

Mum’s old nut loaf

¾ cup chopped walnuts

1 cup plain flour

30g olive margarine

½ cup honey

½ cup chopped dates

1 egg

1 tsp baking powder

¼ cup milk




Soften the dates by soaking in boiling water for a few minutes. Drain well.

Mix the honey into the butter and add the drained dates and chopped walnuts.

Crack in the egg and give it a good old beat.

Sift the flour and baking powder on top and add the milk.

Grease a nut loaf tin (cylinder tins with a lid for the top and bottom), and pour the mixture into the tin.

Bake in a moderate oven (180 degrees) vertically (standing up) for about 45 minutes.

wpid-20140606_152535.jpgVisit for more nutty info!


Happy nutty Friday,


The Dietitian Mummy


Look after yourself mum

Being a mum means LOTS of coffee

Being a mum means LOTS of coffee

It’s so often that I get very caught up in looking after two very energetic (ahem ratbag-ish) kiddies, working, budgeting, trying hard to be a good wife/sister/daughter/friend etc etc, and my body gets to a point where it just decides to say “nah uh girl, I’m DONE”. It basically just crashes and manifests this crash in varied ways (migraines, pulled jaw muscles, stress rash, full blown flu or IBS to name a few I’ve had). It is my body’s way of reminding me that yes I am a mum (plus a million other roles), but I need to take care of me in order to be a good mum. As much as you might think being a Dietitian would mean my nutrition is perfect, it’s not. I’m just as guilty as the rest of you for surviving whole days on biscuits, cheese and 2 minute noodles scoffed once the girls go down for their arvo sleep. I know full well what it’s like and just how hard it is. But it IS important. So in terms of nutrition, when you are the last person on your own list, here are your main focus areas gals.

It means TRYING to stay fit

It means TRYING to stay fit


Yes, kilojoules, calories, actual eating. You might be striving to lose some baby weight or look like Miranda Kerr did post child (pffttt), but starving yourself is not going to help! Neither is crash dieting. I understand the pressure to look a certain way, and that the media portrays starvation diets as something that is normal but no kid wants a tired, grumpy and plain depressed mummy because they are depriving themselves of the joys of eating. Eating regularly and eating enough, will still help you to reach your weight goals. It will help your body to metabolise the food you eat efficiently. You need energy from all forms (carbs, protein and fats) for your body to function well, so don’t cut out groups completely. Just be mindful of the amounts you have. Make sure you get energy from lean protein sources (lean meats, legumes, low fat dairy), high fibre carbohydrates (grainy bread, the least processed cereals and crackers), fruits and vegetables and a small amount of unsaturated fats.

It means more than a few mornings waking up like this

It means more than a few mornings waking up like this


This is super important. Lack of iron means feeling tired and hell I’m pretty sure we all have a hundred other reasons to be feeling tired without this one adding to the issue. And the easiest way to get this is red meat. Try to do it 3 times a week. It doesn’t have to be steak, it can be mince or stew and can be any type. Good old skippy the bush kanagaroo is amazingly packed with iron and is pretty cheap too. And you don’t have to eat loads, one serve is the size of the palm of your hand. Other meats also have iron in them, but in smaller amounts. If you don’t eat meat make sure you get lots of plant based forms of iron (technical name is non-haem). You can get these from wholegrain and iron-fortified breads and cereals, legumes like kidney beans or baked beans, green leafy vegetables (spinach, broccoli etc), nuts and dried fruit, and quinoa. The top tip if you are having these is to have some vitamin c at the same time because the iron from these foods isn’t absorbed as well, so team them up with citrus foods, strawberries, tomatoes, or kiwi fruit.

And days when you feel like this

And days when you feel like this


Fibre is important. It helps you pooh. It keeps you regular. I don’t think I even need to explain why we want to avoid being constipated? Do I??? Fibre also helps with keeping you fuller for longer. Meals high in fibre will take longer to break down in your stomach and therefore will hold off the hunger pains. So if you do get 5 minutes to scoff down your lunch, at least higher fibre foods will keep you going until the kiddies go down for a sleep in the arvo (here’s hoping hey). And the foods that are high in fibre are generally good for protecting against scary diseases like cancer, yes it’s that kind of important. Good fibre foods are vegetables, fruit with the skin on, seeds, wholegrains (couscous, rice, and quinoa), pasta and wholegrain varieties of foods like bread, crackers, cereals and legumes.

And it means appreciating this much more than you every thought

And it means appreciating this much more than you every thought


Yes, as mums we are all females and we all need calcium! Why? Because y’all don’t want to be frail old ladies bent over a stick, fracturing hips and limbs with every step now do you. And we all know the best source of calcium is…. Yep dairy foods (unless you are believing that trollop being touted around about calcium not being absorbed blah blah. Rubbish.). Milk and yoghurt are the best because you can get low fat and skim varieties but also cheese. Three serves a day of dairy is the going rate at the moment (1 cup milk, 1 tub yoghurt or 1 slice cheese). If you really don’t like dairy and fancy yourself a bit of soy, almond or rice milk, please make sure it is calcium fortified and I won’t bother you anymore. It’s just as good. Some other lower sources of calcium are almonds, sesame seeds, brazil nuts, tahini, Asian greens, kale and broccoli. Caffeine stops calcium absorption (ouch I know) and salt increases excretion (getting rid of calcium in your urine), just so you know.

And it means being a climbing frame

And it means being a climbing frame


KEEP HYDRATED PEOPLE. There are many health reasons for staying hydrated but the main one is you feel like crap if you are dehydrated! Dehydration can cause more than just a dry mouth, it can bring on headaches, dizziness, being tired and constipation. If you absolutely “can’t” face water then chill it, infuse it with fruit, or add diet cordial to it. You can have full strength cordial or juices but they are high in kilojoules (calories if you are unaware of our Australian version) and will give you a swift assistance to weight gain.

There are plenty of other things nutritionally that we probably need to be more aware of but I hate lecturing and badgering so I’ve keep the list short!

But it also means lots of beautiful moments like these

But it also means lots of beautiful moments like these

Take care of yourselves mums, because it’s the most important part of taking care of your little ones.

Much love,

The Dietitian Mummy.