Bring Jamie Oliver to meeeeeeee oh wait I mean to Noarlunga

jamie_olivers_ministry_of_foodSo as you probably already know if you follow me on Instagram or have followed me personally I am a HUGE Jamie Oliver fan. Jamie is the epitomy of real food, realistic health and amazing cooking. It is probably him I have to thank for our move to eating more real food and my passion for getting people to cook, and more importantly teaching kids to cook! He has his finger in every possible ‘improving health’ pie and has crusaded for better food for kids in UK schools, better cooking skills in communities all over the world and goes about it in fun and exciting ways.

Now Jamie has gotten together with The Good Foundation (funded by the Good Guys) and started rolling out his Ministry of Food across Australia. If you have never heard of it then here’s a quote from the website “Jamie’s Ministry of Food aims to educate, empower and inspire people to love and enjoy good food, learning how to cook, understanding where it comes from and recognising the power it can have on health, happiness and finances.”

This couldn’t be more true and anymore close to my values and experiences as a Dietitian.

There is a bid to get The Ministry of Food to come to the City of Onkaparinga (my local community) and I wholeheartedly support that bid. I CONTINUOUSLY see people who don’t know how to cook. Or know the basics but have lost inspiration for healthy food. Or can cook the basics but it’s based on unhealthy cooking methods and unhealthy foods.  And the health of the community is suffering. I see clients with diabetes and obesity multiple times a day and it’s largely because of a reliance on convenience and take away foods. This affects the hip pocket too.

 I know everyone says that it’s expensive to buy healthy food and yes, if you are trying to follow a gourmet recipe with super expensive ingredients it will be. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Jamie is a huge advocate for food that ticks all the boxes, healthy, on a budget and most importantly YUM (because who wants to eat healthy food that tastes like cardboard??).  

Our community is disadvantaged. And a lot of the time that translates into poor cooking skills. Whether because of lack of budget, lack of education or lack of teaching and interest, it doesn’t matter. Cooking skills are needed for young and old in this community and as I’ve said here before the government is not funding health promotion (which translates to cooking) programs at the moment. And if that hasn’t hit home here are some stats from the Onka website

“Nearly 40% of residents are overweight, 23% are classified as obese, that is nearly 1 in 5!, Residents are 1.8 times more likely to eat fast food when compared to the SA average”

So whether you are in the community of Onkaparinga or not, please support this bid. Our community needs it.

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