So here’s what I learnt from DAA 2014…

My beautiful morning walk to the conference venue

My beautiful morning walk to the conference venue

Well, as I’m sure you all know now, last week I attended the Dietitian’s Association of Australia 2014 National conference.


It was so very hard to be away from husband and the girls but such an amazing opportunity to be among like-minded people and to feed off the buzz that was the conference.


There were some parts of the conference that were completely over my head, parts that shocked and surprised me, some that encouraged me and some that damn well spoke to my inner core.


Food at a Dietitian's conference doesn't mean all lettuce!

Food at a Dietitian’s conference doesn’t mean all lettuce!

So obviously sitting there in the conference, my little brain was going into overdrive with inspiration and blog ideas on topics that interested me or that I thought would be interesting to all the mums out there. And I am super excited to write about them and bring them to your online doorstep!


The absolute highlight of the conference for me was the Blogging Bootcamp workshop I attended. I won’t be writing about this workshop, but hopefully me having attended (and learning about blogging better) will better your reading on this little blog. I can say though, it definitely put a cracker under my blogging butt!


Solitary breakfasts while away from my girls.

Solitary breakfasts while away from my girls.

So here is a quick taster of some of the posts that will be coming up that I will get up on the blog as I write….


-the very first speaker of the conference that hit me over the head with inspiration was a Dietitian called Tara Diversi. She is also a Psychologist and spoke about kids behaviour and eating. She had some REALLY awesome tips and tricks on how to get your kids to eat better. I’m going to be doing some posts on two parts of her presentation and also some practical posts translating her info.

-very interestingly, but not surprisingly, I saw a presentation on how commonly women self-diagnose wheat intolerance and self-limit wheat. Can’t wait to talk about this one gals.

-a wonderfully passionate public health dietitian (who happened to be my lecturer when I studied) spoke about children’s views about branded (private brands like Smith’s chips, Cadbury chocolate etc) and un-branded (Woolies and Coles brand) food which was a cracker. Some of the things these kids said were absolute gold but very concerning and something we should be considering as mums in a marketing saturated world.

-I heard some researchers talk about he devastatingly terrible rates of breastfeeding retention in Australia. That means we are really good at starting breastfeeding but not very good at keeping it up. This inspired me to write “the shiz someone should have told me about breastfeeding”

-I also heard some interesting info about kids snacking habits in Australia which I will be translating and talking about soon.


The free loot from the conference, I must say the girls thought I was the shiz bringing this home.

The free loot from the conference, I must say the girls thought I was the shiz bringing this home.


So keep on the lookout for some exciting posts ladies, I have a feeling there will be some late nights spent writing because I am bursting with too many ideas.


happy feeding,


The Dieitian Mummy