Sunday Night Dinners – Pulled pineapple pork with purple sauerkraut

It’s not often in the week that I have the time (and hands free) to cook a really amazing meal. I love the process of making amazing food and am happy as a pig in pooh to be cooking a meal all day.


Now, apologies for the bad photography, by the time I actually cooked this meal it was late (for us anyway) and there was appalling light for photography.


The best day for me for cooking is Sundays. Husband is home, we generally don’t have anything organised and it’s nice to cuddle up at the end of the day with my three favourite people and have some good ol’ comfort food.


Pulled pork magic

Pulled pork magic

So I have decided to start Sunday Night Dinners. It will be the day that I throw caution to my dietetic wind and cook amazing food not taking into account the nutritional content. It sits well with my nutrition philosophy anyway which is eat healthy most of the time and eat the real deal every now and then.


We have a local butcher called Gawler River Cattle Co. and they are amazing for good meat specials. On my trip there last week I picked up this pork roast for $10. I had some ideas for using the leftovers too so was very excited to get home and cook up this little (big) baby.


The bargain piggy

The bargain piggy

For my first Sunday night dinner I cooked a pineapple pulled pork roast with potatoes, purple cabbage sauerkraut and steamed broccolini.


I was very un-dietitian like and cut the fat off the roast (not for health) to make pork crackling. Chucking this fatty hunk in a very hot oven until it bubbles with crispy goodness felt a little bit naughty as Miss 3 would say.


I changed the pulled pork recipe that I found on google by halving the pineapple and bbq sauce however was left with a severe lack of delicious sauce so next time I will just stop thinking I’m too clever and follow the damn recipe.


The purple cabbage sauerkraut came from following mostly Jamie Oliver’s recipe for red cabbage with apple (sans apple and balsamic vinegar and replaced with white wine vinegar) and then saw in my pantry at the last minute some caraway seeds which I chucked in and voila, instant sauerkraut taste. So for two Euro backgrounders, it was heaven.


Purple veggie heaven

Purple veggie heaven

While there wasn’t enough sauce, the meat was tender and sweet and delicious and went amazingly next to the euro cabbage and crispy roast potatoes. So we didn’t feel completely stodged out there was some greens thrown in there which added the much needed freshness.


So there you have it, Sunday dinner number 1. I’ll be hashtaggin’ so follow along with me on instagram with #TDMsundaydinners


Happy cooking,

The Dietitian Mummy