I am a mum, who also happens to be a Dietitian.

I see a lot of people about food, and a lot of mums worried about their kids.

I believe in developing in your children a love of food, good food, nutritious (and tasty) food. I also believe in focusing on what matters when it comes to food. Giving your kids a well rounded, variety of foods (yes that includes some trash every now and then) so that when they grow up they have a GOOD relationship with food.

I love teaching kids to cook. I love even more teaching mums to cook. It is crucial to developing good relationships with food.

Mums hardly ever take care of themselves. Especially when it comes to food. I want to see mums out there feeding themselves well because heck we need all the nutrition we can get.

I hope to inspire and encourage not to make you feel bad and crappy. I hope to inform and enlighten, not to lecture or tell off.

So there you go. Go forth, cook with your kids and look after yourself!!

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