So it is after great deliberation, thought, and discussion with many around me that I tell you all some sad news.


The Dietitian Mummy will be on hiatus for 6 months. Last year really took it’s toll on this here mummy and I do believe I took on too much (one of my annoying traits). I ended last year exhausted, frazzled and mojo-less. It was after a rather relaxing break that I realised that it is my choices making my life crazy and that is something that I need to change.


This year I am working a new job and it is 1 more day than I have usually been working.  I had no idea just how much of an impact that one extra day would have on our lives. And while it’s handle-able, it is one less day for washing, one less day for cleaning, one less day for actually spending time with my gorgeous girls who are growing up before my very eyes, and sadly one less day for blogging. I have been trying to keep up but I’m just not super woman. And that’s okay. I’m cool with that. Something has to give and unfortunately in this case it’s the blog.


I’m hoping that after the 6 months I will be in more of a routine with our new lives and I will have some more time for blogging on this page.


Never fear though, the blog will still be here, I will still be on Instagram and facebook, just under my other name homethejaksmade and will occasionally blog about life over there too (homethejaksmade.com).


I wish you all the best for the next 6 months. I will be paring back, taking stock (probably making stock too) and living the life of a mum who is happy not being able to do it all 🙂


Farewell for now,

The Dietitian Mummy


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