Christmas Baking hit list


For quite some time, I hated Christmas. Like really hated it. It coincided with the fact that I worked in a toy store and had to endure hours and hours and hours of Christmas holiday angry mothers trying to find that one essential toy that their little cherub demanded for Christmas. The after effects were also made worse by the fact that I worked on the refund desk and was subjected to abuse from said mothers who were now post Christmas angry mothers whos children’s toys did not work for many reasons. Apparently it was all my fault.


So it was much to my surprise after quitting the ol’ toy store that I found my Christmas spirit return. Little sister and I used to always Christmas bake and sometimes those baking products would make it to Christmas. We no, I’m lying actually. They never lasted. But it was always a fun and delicious experience.


Now a few years back I was lucky enough to gain a sister-in-law who loves to Christmas bake as much as I do and we now make it an annual activity. We get together, put on very bad Christmas carols and bake the day away. Last year we even enlisted mother-in-law to come along. The lovely dear thought she was coming to join in on the baking. Much to her surprise, the job given to her was to keep the girls entertained and out of our hair. He hheeeeeee.


So while I will be very pushed for time this year (with new job training and all) I am hoping to lock down a date with sister-in-law to get our bake on. I am very excited this year because Miss 4 is actually old enough to help out and to be trusted to not eat too much of the baking supplies before they are baked. Here are my pinterest finds for this year….


These cute little snowmen caught my eye! The girls will LOVE them. I really don’t need to say much more because they are just so cwute!



Candy cane biscuits. On their blog, the We are not marthas call them Sparkling Peppermint Sugar Cookies, and of course they would being American, it makes sense to the. I on the other hand, will be calling them Candy cane biscuits so that Miss 4 knows what the hell I’m on about!



ON pinterest the description for these just said “balls”. That was enough to catch my eye (ooohhh balls!!) and being the immature mother that I am, of course I lol-led. They are Peanut Butter balland they have my mouth watering already. Sure, innuendo intended.


Red Velvet Snowflake Cookies @createdbydiane

Red velvet snowflake biscuits. They look just beautiful. And I sneakily acquired a snow flake cutter (by way of sneaking yet another home magazine into my food shopping without husband knowing) so they will be perfecto!


Sheena 3.jpg

Have you ever eaten a chocolate coated pretzel? Errmaggheerrddd they are so freaking good. And when you find a recipe for Chocolate Coated Pretzel Rods  (hhaaahhaaa am I the only deviate laughing at this too?) you really can’t go wrong, can you ladies?? 😉 😉 You’re terrrrible Murrriel. yes I am, and delirious with Christmas spirit too.


So here’s hoping I get to make them all, and that I don’t eat them all in the first week after making. Being a heifer for Christmas was not really on my plans.


What are you baking for Christmas??


Happy baking,


The Dietitian Mummy.

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