Beetroot tzadziki and spinach and pine nut dip


Does anyone else have surplus veggies at the moment? I do. Beetroot and spinach to be exact.



Funny story about my beetroot. I hadn’t grown it successfully before and my sister had. I planted them out and as beetroot does, I got 3 seedlings from each seed. I asked big sister if she thinned hers out to which she replied “no I never bother and it’s always fine”. Fast forward 2 months later and my beetroot patch is going mental. Big sister came round and saw it, laughing she said “yes, you probably should have thinned it”. The result is fine, I just have a very random assortment of sizes in my beetroot. Perfectly fine for my purposes because sometimes I want some little quickies to cook up for a salad and other times I want some big mummas to roast. My main reason for growing beetroot though is one of my recipes today. Beetroot tzadziki mmmmmm.


My spinach is also going bananas. It has been since I planted it and I find it hard to think of inventive and exciting ways to use it. My Miss 3.75 of course says “uurrgghhh yuucckkkk” if it is found on her plate, which results in the same reaction copied in Miss 1.75. While I was making another dip I had an idea to recreate a favourite bought dip of mine, spinach and pine nut.


The result was astounding, especially seems my girls don’t seem to like sauces or dips.  I served both dips on the table with our dinner and the girls were loving them. Miss 3.75 was eating the spinach dip so fast that I was worried about her getting oxygen overload once that iron hits her bloodstream and Miss 1.75 was chowing down the beetroot so much that she resembled a vampire fresh from a feeding.  Regardless of whether your kids like the dips or not, they are scrumptious for adults.


So here are the recipes…
Beetroot Tzadziki
About 4 large beetroot (or 8 beetroot of varying sizes as it happened)
300ml greek yoghurt
1tb chopped or minced garlic
1.5 tb fresh thyme leaves
1tsp caraway seeds
1 pinch sea salt flakes
Steam the beetroot until you can shove a knife in there easily.
Once cool enough to touch rub the skin off the beetroot. Wash your hands straight away or deal with pink hands the next day (show your kids first though, they thought it was hilarious).
Put in a blender, stick mixer or food processor (whatever you have) and blend. Add the greek yoghurt and herbs and blend some more. Add more yoghurt or herbs to balance out the taste if needed.


Spinach and pine nut dip
1 big bunch of spinach, chopped roughly
3/4 cup pine nuts
1 onion diced
1 tb minced or chopped garlic
2 tsp all-purpose seasoning
200ml greek yoghurt
Cook the onion in a big frypan  gently until soft.
Add the garlic and stir for a minute or so before adding the spinach. Chuck a lid on the frypan and let the spinach sweat down and cook.
While the spinach is cooking, toast the pine nuts in a frypan (no oil). Then blend in your processor/stick mixer.
Once that is done let the mixture cool before doing the next steps.
Blend the spinach mixture, then add the nuts and blend some more. Stir or blend through the greek yoghurt, about 2 tablespoons at a time. Stop when the dip gets to your desired consistency.
Do the same thing with the seasoning. Add bit by bit until you get to the taste you like.
Serve both with toasted pita bread and enjoy the fresh produce!!


Happy cooking,
The Dietitian Mummy.


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