Weight Loss Eating Plan



Okay I know I said Friday but it’s all done annnndddddd here it is early!! The Dietitian Mummy Weight Loss Eating Plan.


Eating Plan Cover Final

You asked for a weight loss meal plan and here it is! I have structured it as an eating plan rather than just a meal plan. What is the difference? Well an eating plan gives you a guide of how many serves of which foods to eat each day. It then tells you what a serve is and allows you to plan and build your day of eating. You can adapt it to your week, your family and your likes. It gives you the opportunity to adapt your plan to suit dairy free, gluten free and food intolerances.


But then if that all sounds too hard, there’s also a meal plan in there! For 2 weeks at that. All planned out and ready to go.


It is also based on real food. No hard to pronounce foods, no searching health food stores for certain (expensive) products. Just real, honest, food.


It is an eating plan (which is accompanied by meal plans) but it is soooo much more.


In The Dietitian Mummy Eating Plan you get…

-weight loss information

-the eating plan instructions

-4 weight loss levels for women, including a breastfeeding level

-serve size guides

-recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner

-2 weeks of meal plans

-tracking sheets and blank meal plan for planning


All this written by an Accredited Practicing Dietitian, mum, food lover and weight loser!


So follow this link and be on your way to weight loss. Once you have bought it, join us on facebook to ask questions and achieve your goals along with others along the same path!




The Dietitian Mummy.


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