Super sesame salad dressing



Say that 10 times fast??!!


We have been hit with some gorgeous weather here in good ol’ Radelaide this past week which has instantly had me craving salads. Now don’t let me lose you straight away, salads to me are not your rabbit food-like situation. I like my salads to be full of all sorts of goodies like beans, nuts, seeds, as well as your usuals of lettuce, carrot, cucumber and always finished off with some sort of cheese (lately I’ve been

slamming the Danish feta). Essential tastes and textures to me for a salad are things like freshness, crunch, tang, a bit of saltyness, something smooth, bursts of random flavour and of course (which brings me to the reason for today’s post), an awesome dressing.


There is a café around my parts, that has an awesome salad dressing. For years I have tried to replicate it. It’s kinda sweet, but tangy, with a hit of nutty-ness but not thick, and just a tad of oil. A friend of mine worked at that café and while she didn’t give me the actual recipe, she did let me in on the key ingredient for it’s particular taste. Tahini. Now I made this dressing for a while with unhulled tahini and it just didn’t taste right. It had a weird flavour to it. Until today. After reading some old blog posts from a favourite (Apples Under My Bed) I realised that the after taste was probably because I had been buying unhulled tahini. I made the swap to hulled tahini and wow, it made the difference. Today must have been a great day because I nailed the dressing. Apologies for my vague quantities in my recipe, but that’s the way I cook.


So here it is. Super sesame salad dressing.


2 spoons hulled tahini

2 spoons honey

4 spoons boiling water

1 squirt lemon juice

1 spoon vinegar

1 spoon oil

Pinch sea salt flakes

Use any sized spoon depending on how much you need.

Put the honey and boiling water in a jar. Shake until the honey is dissolved.

Put in the rest of the ingredients and shake until it’s all combined.

Pour over salad!


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