Chicken Stock


I talked a few weeks back about cutting up your own chickens and how you are left with a whole lot of wastage and making your own chicken stock is a really good way to utilise some waste. My main motivation for making my own chicken stock is mainly for taste but also because Miss 3 seems to go agro on commercial chicken stock. There are a fair few preservatives in it and the yeast extract that is in most of even the liquid forms is what I suspect makes her go bananas.

The pot simmering away

The pot simmering away

Making your own chicken stock sounds ultra super-mum-ish which I hate, but it is actually SUPER easy. And it makes your house smell yummo too. It’s smoother in your meals, especially the ones that you make an effort to take a long time to make like risotto. Seriously you can taste the difference.


And do you know the best part? Most of the ingredients are parts of foods that you rarely eat! The left over chicken bones, the tops of celery and leek. It saves you money and stops wastage too. I can’t bang on about it enough.

But anyway, I’m blabbering on because the “recipe” is so easy it wont take long to write!


No that's not my scraps, that's my flavour

No that’s not my scraps, that’s my flavour

Chicken Stock

1 Chicken carcass. You can use an already cooked one but you will have to give it a good ol’ beating, will have to cook it for longer and the stock wont be as tasty. Raw is best.

Half of a top of celery (the leaves and thin stalky bits)

1 carrot

1 onion

The top half of a leek

Garlic cloves

Herbs – I generally use 2 bay leaves, and 2 sticks of rosemary

Peppercorns – about 6

Good lug of olive oil


1. Put a lug of oil in the pot and brown the carcass.

2. This is the worst part: get a rolling pin and bash the chicken bones with the end of it. It’s a bit queasy for me hearing the bones crack (probably PTSD from a broken clavicle on entry to this world) but this is especially essential if you are using a cooked chook.

3. Chuck everything else in along with about 2 litres of water.

4. Bring to boil then simmer for the day.

5. I don’t usually add salt to the stock because I add salt when I cook so it doesn’t taste anything like commercial stock at this point. If you prefer to start with your stock salty then add salt while it’s cooking. Add it bit by bit and taste after a few minutes before adding more.

6. Strain the liquid out and there is your stock. If you want the fat out of it then put the liquid in a bowl in the fridge and use a spoon to scoop off the fat layer the next day.

The "leftovers"

The “leftovers”

7. Freeze in portions that you would normally use.

Easy peasy!!

Seriously have a go, your cooking will improve ten fold and it’s less useless preservatives entering your kiddies little bodies.


Happy cooking,


The Dietitian Mummy

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