Low kJ Chicken Tonight


My darling mother was not the most adventurous of cooks. She was an extremely competent cook and would give us variety enough, but I think when the concept of convenience cooking came onto the market she was spent and so we saw a lot more of those options hit the table. Now just to clarify, because she will be mortified if I don’t, there was always an abundance of vegetables and the meals were definitely more on the healthy side, when I say convenience I mean premade sauces and spice mixes.  Dad says the mum doesn’t make meals she assembles them 😉 (ouch yes).


One of my FAVEs growing up was Chicken Tonight French Country premade sauce. I would finish mine and any that was left on little or big sisters plates as well as anything left in the pot. I was insane for it.


I feel like chicken tonight, like chicken tonight like chicken tonight….


Little sister in a bout of clean eating a while ago came up with a recipe she told me tasted exactly like good ol’ chicken tonight so I re-created it and ever since have slotted it into the meal plan whenever I can. Here is the recipe for all of you following along at home!


Low kj chicken tonight

Serves 4

400g chicken breast, sliced

2 carrots sliced into sticks

2 mushrooms sliced

2 sticks celery sliced

2 cups chicken stock (home made if you can)

½ cup dry white wine

½ cup light sour cream

1 ½ tablespoons corn flour

Rice to serve.


Use a large fry pan with high sides or a saucepan.

Brown your chicken with some oil and set aside.

Brown the onion until tender and then add the other veggies. Cook for a few minutes.

Add the wine and let it bubble for a while before adding the chicken stock and the chicken.

Turn down the heat to a simmer and give it a good simmer for about 20 minutes until your veggies are the consistency you like.

Mix the corn flour into the sour cream, make sure you get rid of any lumps.

Take your pan off the heat and dump your sour cream mixture into the middle. Stir it in gently using small circles, moving out to bigger as it becomes more mixed in. I find this helps to stop it from getting grainy.

Put the pan back on the heat and simmer until it is the sauce thickness you want. The longer you simmer it, the thicker it should get. If you want it thicker, use more corn flour J



Are you having chicken tonight tomorrow???


The Dietitian Mummy.


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