Healthy whopper burger



So the HFC – Healthy Fried Chicken post apparently hit a nerve, in a good way.  I freaking love all the pics, posts and messages I received from people enjoying their HFC. In that post I mentioned one of my other fast food loves and that’s a whopper. What I don’t like about the whopper is that the kilojoule content is about the equivalent of 2 meals worth. The whopper taste is a taste I could have EVERY day, and that’s not an exaggeration. I actually really love the taste of whoppers. So how do I get around that? Re-create the taste!

In this recipe it’s all about the order of assembly and a few key ingredients.


The essentials

The key ingredients to get the taste is: burgers made from only beef, well apart from a pinch of salt but that’s not essential; it’s gotta have onions; and mayo and sauce together. These three are what will give you the whopper taste. We have interchanged the others and still gotten the great taste.


So here you go:


Hamburger buns or in our case wholegrain rolls.

Mince (500g made 4 large burgers and two mini ones)

Tomato slices

Cheese – hard cheese will be more like a whopper

Lettuce sliced or chopped

Onion – chopped into small pieces or rings

Tomato sauce




Squeeze as much of the liquid out of your mince as possible and shape into burgers. Make them much bigger than your bun because they will shrink a lot!

Fry your burgers and prep everything else.

Order of assembly – IMPORTANT

Bun bottom



Mayo and tomato sauce – they must be touching each other




Bun top

And that’s it! Enjoy with some home baked chips.


Happy cooking


The Dietitian Mummy.



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