Dutch Coconut Cake – Cocos Kock


Ahhhh yes I’m still laughing. Let me tell you a story which will make you laugh even more.


Husband’s Oma (grandmother for any non-Dutch out there) served this to us when we visited recently. It was rainy and cold outside on the farm she lives on. The coffee was hot, the sounds of rain on the tin roof was delightful and the coconut cake was delicious, from a proper cake storage tin too. I love all that is old school and quaint and this definitely hit that spot.


Anyway, after about the 3rd piece eaten by me and about the 5th from Miss 3, I thought it was about time I asked for the recipe. Out came Oma’s cookbook, literally so old that the pages were falling apart and it is kept in a plastic bag. All in Dutch and brought to Australia with her when she came so many years ago. I was pumped even just to have seen the cookbook.


Oma was delighted in my interest in Dutch cooking (more coming on that one) and she loved telling me about how easy this cake is. So it was quite a surprise when out of this 80 year olds mouth, in her Dutch acccent, came the Dutch name for the cake “Cocos Kock”. I can tell you, she didn’t understand what I found so funny about the situation.


This cake is more like a slice but really is delicious and only takes 20 minutes to make and bake. It’s a little bit crumbly when it’s warm and takes two hands to catch the crumbs but it’s worth it. As Oma said, it’s perfect to throw together when unexpected guests arrive and before you know it, you are eating warm, sweet, coconutty goodness.


So here it is…

Cocos Kock – Dutch Coconut cake

200g dessicated coconut

200g sugar

25g butter or margarine

25g plain flour

1 large egg

Vanilla essence or extract – I used 1 tsp

Milk – enough to bring the mixture together.


Melt the butter. Put everything in a bowl and mix together. Add milk until the mixture comes together.

Press the mixture into a tray and bake (moderate oven, until browned on top)!


Enjoy your Kock đŸ˜‰


The Dietitian Mummy


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