The Dietitian Mummy Weight Loss Plan

Cover finalWoohoo, it’s finally here! I am soooo excited to have this program ready to roll gals, it’s been a long time coming.

So what is it?

Well you might have read my recent post about why diets don’t work and if you haven’t, start there. I’m pretty passionate about this because I see clients time and time again who have been ruined by following ridiculous diets. So what could I do about it? Offer an alternative.

If you’ve tried diets and it hasn’t worked for you then this is for you. If you have limited time and mental energy for huge life overhauls but still want to lose some weight, then this is for you. If you are a mum who just wants to get it off and keep it off, then this is definitely for you.

The methods I have written in this program are tried and tested techniques and challenges I use with clients every day and have seen great changes in so many clients.

What will I get on the program?

– You will receive an “8 week program” which consists of 8 weight loss topics that I find essential for weight loss in my practice.  While it is written as an 8 week program, it is absolutely self paced so you can take 8 weeks, or 16 weeks or a whole year if you like.

– Goal sheets to go with each week (topic) and instructions on the challenges for that week.

– You will get access to a closed facebook group where you can log on to ask questions or get support from fellow mums following the program. I will be popping in once a week to answer questions.

And all this for just $60! Sound like a sleazy car salesman? Yes, but seriously it’s $60 well spent considering how much money we can waste jumping from diet to diet!


What is my experience?

I always like to tell clients my background in weight loss so that they gain trust in my methods before we start and you can see that I have a fair bit of credibility. First and foremost I am an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (university degree trained). I have worked as a Dietitian for 8 years and have worked on weight loss research studies, in weight loss surgery support and also as a Dietitian for SA Health seeing clients for many reasons, one very commonly – weight loss. Plus I am a female, a mum who gained copious amounts of weight during pregnancy, a food lover and also someone who continually battles with food behaviour issues. I get you!


So there you go, here it is, click this link to purchase The Dietitian Mummy Weight Loss Plan and start your weight loss “journey” (oh so cliche) today…


The Dietitian Mummy.

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