Make it last (and pulled pork tacos with corn salsa)


Ever since I received and read (and re-read and re-read) Jamie Oliver’s Save with Jamie I have become more aware of what we eat and how much is wasted. It was a lot. I love cooking big meals and there was always leftovers. Said leftovers would sit in the fridge with the intentions of being eaten but then come a week and they would get thrown out. Or on a weekend we would buy food out because we couldn’t be bothered making dinner when there were perfectly fine leftovers waiting to be eaten. They would never look as good as they did originally and I seriously had not thought of making them into something different!


So until recently I hadn’t realised just how much money we were actually throwing away by not utilising our leftovers. So once again, Jamie has come to the rescue and given me a plethora of interesting ways to use leftovers. And I hope to post more about this!


From my Sunday night dinner we had some leftover pulled pork and I actually managed to turn it into two awesome meals.


After eating it, because it was pretty heavy roast I was looking for something to make with it that was a bit more fresh.


I’m going to let you in on just how random my brain is and how I came to decide to make this dinner. Number 1 is that ages ago while blog trawling I saw somewhere about making your own tortillas so that was on my list of things to try. Then I was watching Better Homes and Gardens (yes it was a very dry night that night) and saw Karen Martini cook a corn and lamb (I think?) kofta with a really nice looking salad which reminded me of salsa. So when I saw in Save with Jamie leftover meat tacos I put them all together and came up with this leftover fantastico!


Enter pulled pork soft taco with corn salsa. Now my girls are good eaters in general but there’s no way you can get Miss 3 to even put tomato in her mouth (and of course then by default Miss 1 follows), or squishy foods like avocado so their meals are modified.


Then meal two was to use up the sauerkraut which was calling me the next day at lunch. We heated it up with some fresh sourdough, chicken and mayo. It was so good that we both made ourselves a second.


So given the original meat for the meal cost $10, add in the fresh veggies used, staples from the pantry and bread and you have there my friends 3 meals for about $7 each.



Pulled pork soft taco with corn salsa


Apologies that this is a rather vague recipe but I totally cook this way and think that if you have a go and make a few changes to suit your family tastes it is a much better cooking experience for all!

I made the tortillas using this recipe so go there to make them. They were so amazingly soft and fresh tasting, nothing like the cardboardy texture of supermarket bought tortillas. And sooooo much easier than I thought.

The pork was a bit solidified from being in the fridge so I chucked it in the frypan and heated it, adding some cumin, paprika, maple syrup and a bit of water to make a sweet sauce.

The corn salsa was a version of the simplest but best tasting salsa I have done before and basically involves putting the veggies in (corn which I had grilled on the cob, avocado, tomato and cucumber) along with a squeeze of half a lemon and coriander. The combo of the tang from the lemon and the coriander is heaven to the tastebuds.

Fresh lettuce from the garden was the much needed crunch and some grated cheese for general awesomeness!

Such and tasty meal made fresh from pantry and fridge staples.


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