Jamie’s garden


Okay so I know I bang on about Jamie Oliver a lot but seriously he just keeps kicking goals.

A friend facebooked me about this little book he has come out with as a promo in Woolies and so last night while out getting milk I picked it up.


It is pretty darn cool and is bang on about everything Ive been rambling about: get your kids growing and get your kids learning about fruits and veggies.

I do understand that it is a promotion and obviously linked to making dollars and not necessarily supporting local farmers but in this instance I’m happy to let it slide because it is a really good resource for your kiddies.


It’s supported by nutrition australia so you know the nutrition content is tickety boo too!

My favourite parts are…..

The games and cool graphic design


Growing tips combined with recipes


The idea of holding your own fantastic fresh feast


The masses of food education packed into this little book.


So mums, if you want to get your kids interested in growing, making or just knowing about food, spend the $5 and have some fun doing some of the activities with your little sponges. They seriously will take in so much more information that you can imagine and you are their most inspirational teachers 🙂

Happy reading!

The Dietitian Mummy


**please note this is not a sponsored post. I am not affiliated with Woolworths and my post does not reflect support for their practices or views. I am also not affiliated with Jamie Oliver (however much I would like to be) I just think he’s a damn good bloke and kids nutrition advoacte.


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