Baking with Miss 3 – Protein plus “cornflake” cookies

Biscuits and tea, aint no better pair

Biscuits and tea, aint no better pair

After having a whole 4 days away from my gorgeous girls and family it was amazing to get back into the kitchen with Miss 3.


I love cooking with her because she reminds me of all the things I used to love about baking with mum. Although frustrating I love her incessant questioning. “Mum, will you let me mix?”, “mum will I get to roll the biscuits?”, “mum, where is my tray?”, “mum, will I get a spoon at the end?”. It sounds a bit deranged but her absolute fear of not getting to do the exciting bits just warms the cockles of my heart.

Aviary Photo_130449763111537311

Don’t you take my spoon!


So I thought I’d give you a run down of what she does when she cooks. Of course your 3 year old may be able to do more or less but the point is to just give it a go, make some mess, have some fun. It’s all about the experience, not perfectly looking/tasting biscuits at the end.


Miss 3 will:

– pour the ingredients in the bowl (after I’ve measured them in the measuring cups)

– mix the dry ingredients and has a “turn” at mixing the dough once it gets thicker. Mummy has a turn at mixing too just to “make sure”.

– rolls her biscuits and puts them on her tray. She doesn’t quite get the spacing quite right but sometimes I will draw X’s on the back of the baking paper for her to put her biscuits on (make sure you remember to turn the sheet over or you will end up with texta on your biscuit), and what do you know, she told me that mine were too close and they would melt into each other today!

– licks a mixing spoon spotlessly clean

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Now Cornflakes really grate my nutrition nerves. They are probably one of the least healthy cereals. While they are not loaded with sugar they are so processed and have so little fibre that they feature on my cereal hit list. But alas, because I love cornflake cookies. I love the crunch of the flakes with the softness of the inner biscuit. So I decided to have a play with the recipe.

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The recipe is based on a simple cornflake cookie recipe from but I used Uncle Tobys Protein Plus (because that’s what was in the pantry), added some oats, and halved the sugar. I’m living in the hope that the extra protein will help fill up the four bottomless pits that make up our family. Even with the halved sugar the fruit is sweet enough to hit the bickie craving. They go perfectly with a cup of tea and you don’t have to feel too bad about eating them either.


The mix

The mix

Here is the modified version…



250g margarine

2/3 cup caster sugar

2 tsp vanilla essence

2 ½ cups flour

2 tbs milk

½ cup sultanas

2 cups uncle toby’s protein (use any flakey cereal you have on hand)

1 cup oats


–        Cream together the margarine, sugar and vanilla essence. You can do this with beaters or if your child is asleep like Miss 1 was, just get your elbows into it and give it a good ol beat.

–        Mix in the flour and once it resembles a dough chuck in the oats, sultanas, milk and cereal.

–        Roll into balls and flatten on a tray.

–        Bake in a moderate oven (180 degrees).

–        Pull out when golden and enjoy with a hot cuppa!


Mummys tray and Miss 3's tray, can you spot the difference?

Mummys tray and Miss 3’s tray, can you spot the difference?

Happy cooking,


The Dietitian Mummy


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