My man Jamie at it again…

Hi lovely ladies out there (or men if there are any reading?!),


Well I am at the national Dietitian Association of Australia conference in Brisbane this week (eek longest I’ve EVER been away from my girls) and I’m very excited to be here, however the one downer of it is that I won’t be home for Jamie’s Food Revolution Day tomorrow!
Why is this such a big deal you ask?


Well this year, Jamie’s focus is on teaching kids to cook
and for those who have read my first few posts, you will know just how much I am on that band wagon. I would have loved to have done some cooking with the girls to post up this week but frankly, preparing for leaving the household for half a week has taken up all of my time.


The best part, licking the beaters

The best part, licking the beaters

Any hoo, just thought I’d post today to say, yet again, just how important it is to get your kids cooking. I can’t tell you how many times I see people later in life who have big health troubles and their biggest hurdle is that they were never taught to cook food for themselves from scratch. Convenience foods in the shops are convenient yes, but can be filled with fat and sugar to make their product the best tasting and therefore, most frequently bought. Add into the equation that you are probably buying convenience foods because you don’t have time to exercise and you have a hard barrier to push through.


Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if our kids grew up knowing how to put a healthy and nutrition meal from scratch on the table quicker than it takes to go to the shops, buy some convenience foods and bring it home to heat up, or “prepare”.


So get involved!! If you are home with your kids on Friday (or even this weekend), get in the kitchen, or watch Jamie’s live feed cooking class, check out what activities are happening in your area, download the resources to look at with your kids or just talk to your kids about cooking, what ingredients are in the food you eat or about food that contains nutrients not additive numbers!!


Get into it mums, its hands down one of the best lessons you will teach your kids.


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