Make the garden grow, making the garden grow…

Well hello, I have been awol for a while, very very busy, but have squished in some time to report on my garden and how it’s going.


Finally sprouting

Finally sprouting

Any of you mums out there will probably understand my title and are probably humming my girl Dirt Girls song in your head right now. Possibly one of my favourite kids TV characters out there. I don’t know if you know but in my eyes, getting your kids (and yourselves) to get involved in growing your food is one of THE most IMPORTANT things you can do. EVER. Getting your children to understand where their food comes from is a wonderful thing and helps them to know where healthy foods come from. It’s tragic to hear (from my man Jamie Oliver) how many kids out there don’t know where veggies and fruit come from. Everything is better with veggies that you grow yourselves, the taste, the colours, the texture, the CRUNCH, and when you are presenting it to kids who eat with all their senses, it ticks all the boxes. Not to mention teaching them an array of other qualities like responsibility, patience and environmental consideration. LOVE it.


So that being said, here’s this house’s vegetable garden “journey” (gak, I hate that word, sounds like a reality TV show)…..

When we moved into this house (that we have actually lived in before, a long time ago) I was disappointed to see that the veggie garden I had established was now gone and pretty much covered with grass.

Halfway through

Halfway through

I attempted to revive it and grow in it (and failed), and was even called black thumb by my sister (which cut deep guys). So after much discussion and thought, I decided to go upwards and meanwhile kill that awful grass underneath for good.


It took a few weekends of snatching time when I could, when babies were sleeping, or having outings with sisters or being entertained by daddy, to get the old garden out. I don’t have a before, before but there was a hideous limestone border and grass riddled through the soil. I did a back section too.

20140310_134230 20140310_134322 20140310_123324

Then I got some cheap big pots from cheap as chips and random small ones from around the place that I already had and started planting. I found the galv raised bed t Big W on sale and filled that one too.


Mum and dad gave me the lime tree for my birthday this week just gone!


So we are planted out for winter, and yes this crazy lady has a picture plan of my garden. Mostly because otherwise I forget what was planted when and then go to look back and have no idea. At the moment we have broccoli, leek, carrot, beetroot, spinach, lettuce, brussel sprouts, peas, snow peas and buck-loads of herbs!

20140504_085056 20140504_085020 wpid-20140504_085033_1.jpg 20140504_084949

I have artichokes planted along my back fence and am going to plant out some seedlings that I have planted in toilet rolls at the moment.

And what do ya know I’ve got sprouts coming up, and boy is Miss 3 excited about it. Even Miss 1 copies us and bends over the beds and looks at them with us.

Happy days!


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