Cheat’s Mexican Fiesta

Cheat's Mexican Fiesta

So I had a feeling for Mexican the other night and being that I have vowed to try to reduce our intake of processed and take-away foods, I had to make some magic in the kitchen to satisfy my craving. It was a Monday night and I was absolutely shagged and so this had to be an easy one, so I came up with my cheat’s Mexican feast.


Husband and I had a night to ourselves a while back and we went to a very well recommended Mexican restaurant near us and had the most amazing Mexican corn, Elote as it was called. I tried to recreate this with what I had and so I smeared some corn with melted margarine that was mixed with garlic, sprinkled some grated parmesan on it and chucked those babies in the oven. After about 20 minutes I opened up the foil to get that crispyness on the cheese. Traditionally Elote is grilled but I couldn’t be bothered going outside to start the BBQ, so the oven it was. It would have been “next level shit” if I had done it on the BBQ grill.


I rubbed some spice on some chicken right in the plastic packet (paprika, cumin, salt and pepper) and put it back in the fridge for “marination”. Closer to eating I fried (with a spray of oil) each side then put the chicken in the oven to finish off.


The salad on the side was pretty amazing if I do say so myself, and is ULTRA easy. Chopped cherry tomatoes (from my dads garden), cucumber, and avocado, with torn coriander mixed though and a squeeze of lemon juice. Simple but a taste sensation.

At about this point, husband informed me that my sister and brother in law were on their way round so I whacked some rice on. Once it was cooked I stirred through some salsa dip that was in the fridge.

Arranged all these tasty delights on a plate and viola, healthy, easy, Mexican fiesta on the table, with minimal fuss.



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