Bread Based Quiches for Kids (and hungry parents)

Bread based quiches for kids

This recipe is a great one to get the kiddos involved and it is super easy to make. Most dietitians will cringe when you say the word quiche because normally it is loaded with saturated fats but this version makes some substitutions which vastly lower the fat content. With added veg too this recipe gives your children (and you) a nutrition packed little snack. These are awesome for putting into lunchboxes and keep well as long as the box is kept cool with a freezer pack.

I’ve used bread here instead of the pastry, nothing amazingly new but a good idea nonetheless. Obviously for the health benefits it is a good idea to use multigrain or at least wholemeal. Then instead of using cream we use a splash of low fat milk and using reduced fat cheese drops down the saturated fats even further.

Sneaking carrot while mums not looking

Sneaking carrot while mums not looking

I bang on about teaching your kids to cook and this is a good starter recipe. Little Miss 3 LOVES grating and she had a great time doing this one. You could also get the kids involved in rolling out the bread (it will make sense later), mixing and depending on the age even filling the quiches.


Mini bread-based quiche

Makes 12 mini quiches and then I had extra mixture to make 2 bigger ones for husband’s lunch.


6 eggs

6 slices bread

4 rashers of shortcut bacon

About a cup of reduced fat cheese, grated

A splash of milk (low fat or skim if you can)

2 carrots, grated

1 cup cherry tomatoes chopped

1 handful of fresh basil – I saved this to put into the second half for husband and I as Miss 1 has something against basil at the moment


Use a rolling pin to roll your slices of bread out really flat. Cut in half and the poke into non-stick muffin tins.

As usual with most of my recipes, plonk everything in a bowl and mix it up.

Spoon the mixture into each bread base so that it is half full.

Put into a 180 degree oven and bake until golden brown on top. Wait until the quiches have cooled a bit and then take out of the tin and transfer to a cooling rack.

These stay good in the fridge for about 4 days (if they last that long) or frozen for about a month.



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