Berry Yoghurt Muffins

Berry Yoghurt Muffins

I love sweet things, cakes biscuits muffins, I’ll take the lot. But it’s hard to find recipes that aren’t full of fat and sugar and more often than not they are also low in fibre. I was flicking through my multitudes of recipe books when I found this recipe using yoghurt so thought I would give it a try.

Now muffin recipes have all sorts of stipulations about keeping dry ingredients and liquid separate until mixing then mixing in a certain way.

Aint nobody got time for that! Well I don’t anyway.

So I just chucked it all in the bowl and gave it a mix and they turned out yummo regardless. I don’t have a “properly” mixed muffin to compare to but I think the fact that the two girls, Husband, husband’s cousin and I all scoffed them is testament to the fact that they were good.


Now nutrition wise, they are a little on the higher end of the kilojoules scale so if you were trying to watch your weight I’d try to stick to just one a day. For active kiddies though, they need the energy to burn and the muffins have some great vitamins and antioxidants in them from the berries plus fibre. You could really max out the fibre benefits by adding more oats or using wholemeal self raising flour.


So here’s the recipe peeps:

Berry and Yoghurt Muffins

(recipe is from The Australian Women’s Weekly BAKE but as usual I have tweaked it)

1 ½ cups self raising flour, sifted

1/3 cup rolled oats

3 eggs

½ cup of brown sugar

2 kids tubs of yoghurt, which is 200g (I think Banana and apricot ended up going in)

1/3 cup canola oil (whatever you do don’t substitute this for olive oil, it takes really weird if you do!)

About 1 ½ cups of Frozen berries (I just emptied what was left of the packet!)


Okay just dump it all in the bowl and give it a mix. The muffin police will say mix until just combined and do not over mix, so if you want to monitor that go ahead. Little Miss 3 was mixing this batch so it was probably classed as over mixed but they still tasted fine.

Put into muffin cases and bake in a moderate oven (180 degrees) for about 25 minutes.



Enjoy with a cup of tea

Enjoy with a cup of tea

Nutrition Info per muffin

182 calories/ 765 kilojoules

Protein  4.9g

Fat         7.8g

Saturated fat      1.1g

Carbs     22g

Fibre      1.3g


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