Lolly-Cauli Pasta


So I was in Coles the other day and was doing my shopping in the mad dash that is shopping with two kids. I was browsing the veggie section for bargains and my eye was caught by a burst of purple which looked a bit crazy! We went over and it was purple cauliflower and it was only $2. Miss 3 thought it was HILARIOUS and was laughing at it most of the shopping trip.


This continued throughout the week of it being in the fridge. Every time she saw it she’d say in this high pitched voice “purple cauliflower???”. So anyway, I was going around to my sisters for dinner (Pulled Pork rolls ahhhh amaze-balls, thanks Jamie Oliver and Save With Jamie) and she asked if I could make something for the little ones.


Now knowing my cooking audience included Miss Niece 5 who is quite the food/vegetable critic I decided to pull out all the stops (in the form of purple veggies) and make what I decided to call Lolly-Cauli Pasta!!

When cooked and mixed in it is still really colourful and teamed with the other frozen veg, it looks like a bowl of lollies. Miss Niece 5 thought it was a bit funny and even took a few bites of the cauli, Miss 3 and Miss niece 3 thought it was a crack up, annndddd the fact that it was covered in cheesy sauce meant that they gobbled most of it up. Us adults also got into it because it was so damn cheesy and delicious!


When I made this it made HEAPS. My girls are still eating it and it freezes fine.


Lolly-Cauli Pasta

Serves about 10

1 bag pasta (I did spirals but use your imagination)

2 cups frozen vegetables

1 purple cauliflower (they also had green but not as lolly looking), chopped up

4 pieces of short cut bacon (could easily eliminate this if you are vegetarian)

2 cups milk (I used full cream because we only had Miss 1’s milk left but I’ve made it with skim and it still turns out yummo)

½ cup plain flour

2 large dessert spoons of margarine (can be butter or margarine, I used Nuttelex and it worked fine)

2 cups grated cheese (I used reduced fat)


Get some hot water on and cook your pasta. Whack the cauliflower in the microwave with some water for about 5 minutes (or until it’s just soft).

Put the margarine in a large saucepan over medium heat and melt. Once melted add in the bacon and let it brown a little.

Get your flour and milk handy and close. Add your flour and take off the heat while you stir like a mad woman. It will get gluggy. Add your milk straight away and stir like an even madder woman. If there are heaps of lumps then get out a whisk and whisk like crazy.

Leave this over medium heat to thicken and stir it every minute or so, so that it doesn’t stick to the sides or bottom.

Once it gets thick add in your cheese. Stir until the cheese is melted.

Then add your frozen veg, cauliflower and pasta and mix in.

Badaboom you have lolly-cauli pasta! Serve and watch your kiddies look at you like you are crazy!!!



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