Welcome to The Dietitian Mummy….

Chicken and veg risotto

Chicken and veg risotto

Hi guys, and a very warm welcome to my new blogging venture!

I love food, and I love kids. And I love blogging. Smoosh them all together and you get the inspiration for this blog.

Rainbow fruit platter

Rainbow fruit platter

I also have a very big inspiration and that is my work. I see a lot of people later on in life with chronic diseases, unfortunately due to their weight. Almost all of the time the reasons are habits, relationship with food and lack of cooking skills. And this BREAKS my heart. I used to work in a paid position in health promotion and obesity prevention with kids, but the government decided not to fund us anymore (apparently preventing children from becoming the chronic disease sufferers and hospital cloggers is not worth their money). So I am continuing on myself!

Jamie's meatballs and polenta

Jamie’s meatballs and polenta

I really want to help mums (and dads) out there to develop their little kiddies into adults who love food, know about what food is, where it comes from and what is in it, who love to cook, and most of all who can pass that on to their kids.

Veggie dip cups

Veggie dip cups

I know being a parent is hard. TRUST me. And I know one of the most common points of contention with our little children is food. So hopefully I can give you some info to make you more knowledgeable, give you some food inspiration, some recipes and a whole lot of making you feel good about yourself for the hardest job in the world!!

Mummy breakfast

Mummy breakfast

So come along for the ride, get ready for foodporn a-plenty and some tips and info along the way.

Happy eating,

The Dietitian Mummy


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